Periactin online


Periaсtin - histamine and serotonin receptors antagonist of the first generation. Active ingredient - Cyproheptadine. Periactin exhibits antihistaminic activity (blocks up H1 receptors), but withal is a strong antiserotonin substance (reduces spasmogenic and other effects provoked by serotonin). The unique drug ability to increase appetite is providing by its effect on the inhibition of serotonin. It also reveal anticholinergic activity. Periactin reveal antiallergic effect, and have particular effectiveness in itching dermatoses' treatment.

Indications for use:
Indications for Periactin use are associated allergy symptoms treatment: hay fever, runny nose, eye irritation, hives and swelling. In addition, the drug is approved by FDA for treatment of anaphylactic reactions caused by allergens, as injections of adrenaline supplementary, also migraine (mainly due to the effect antiserotonin), various etiologies of appetite loss (chronic diseases, bulimia nervosa, etc.).

Dosage and administration:
Dosage required for medical purposes can alter depending on specific needs of every individual patient. Established range of therapeutic Periactin doses vary from 4 to 20 mg, herewith most adults take 12-16 mg per day. Entire daily dose is usually divided into three receptions. Use of Periactin as appetite stimulant (non-direct purpose) have positive effect and there is taken dosage of 4 mg 2-3 times a day (8-12 mg).